Information for Shops

The Collective Stitch is an event designed to promote brick and mortar cross stitch shops and to create some fun and excitement for cross stitch.  Ideally, all brick and mortar cross stitch shops will elect to participate in this event held June 1 - August 31.  The event is designed to create traffic in the shops during Summer travel and give stitchers an incentive to seek out shops during vacation or to organize a shop hop with their friends. 

The shop will receive advertising benefits from their information being on the web site, in social media, and included in the book that is published with all the information events each year.  Corporate sponsorship will also extend the reach of advertising benefits. 

If you have a designer you work with regularly or your customers love, encourage them to work with you by creating a design based on the current year's theme and size.  The chart must be submitted to me by April 1 so that I may put it into a uniform, one page document which includes event logo and web site informaiton so stitchers can locate a list of all participating shops.  I will get a master copy back to the shop in time to be copied for the start of the event. 

If you are a shop and wish to participate, please contact me by email patty at stitchersvillage dot com, call me area code 785 and then 2715851/cell2231276 or fill out the contact form HERE

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