The Collective Stitch Cross Stitch Project is an opportunity for a fun Summer cross stitch adventure! It is a cross stitch project combined with a shop-hop, treasure hunt, and mystery stitch along. Participating shops will each have a chart designed by a different designer. Visit the shops, collect the charts, and stitch them all together to create an amazing, unique project!


Each participating shop will enlist a designer to create a cross stitch design using the theme and size of the current project year.
Designers will submit their charts to the Collective Stitch to be put into a uniform layout by the deadline of April 15.
A copy-ready one page chart will be sent to the participating shops of the design created for their shop by May 15 to give the shop time to stitch theirs.
All information – participating shops and their location, their events, the designer of the chart for each shop and threads will be posted on this site on the page for the current year.
June 1 through August 31, stitchers will collect the individual charts by visiting the participating shops. The individual charts will be free to those visiting the shop in person. 
Each participating shop will have a different design – like a treasure hunt and stitching project all rolled into one! 
During this time, shops will have activities and contests related to their chart. 

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