Shop and designer information

Shops wishing to participate in the Collective Stitch Cross Stitch Project should fill out the form "Shop/Designer Register" from the menu on the right side of the page.

Individual shops will be responsible for making arrangements with a designer to produce the chart for their shop using the parameters for style and theme set for the current project. 

If you are a designer and wish to participate, please fill out the Shop/Designer Register form in the menu at right if you are not able to connect with a shop.  I will send an email to shops and let them know you are interested. You may submit a design at any time if you wish, along with your logo and information and I will let you know the shop which will host your design for the event.  Please note – participating designers must also submit the following signed agreement along with their charted design to me by April 15. CLICK HERE FOR PDF AGREEMENT

Please check the upcoming year page for the theme and size specifications.

Event dates are June 1 through August 31

Please register as soon as possible, the deadline for designers to submit the chart to me is April 1 as I will need o get the final copy of the charts to the shops by May 1. 

By the first week in May, the charts, having been put in a uniform outline, will be individually sent to the designated shops in a black and white format suitable for photocopying.  Each shop will have a unique chart to offer to visitors to their shop. 

Shops have the option of hosting special, in-house activities associated with the event.  Designer trunk show, stitch in, contest for who stitches the design first, etc.  Shops are encouraged to offer at least one prize related to their chart or the event.

Shops will also have the option to purchase wholesale a publication with all of the designs for the event.  This may require multiple volumes, depending on the number of participants and will be divided by region.  This will be to sell after August 15 and will be exclusive to participating shops for 6 months.  

Shops will be asked to offer suggestions for the following year in regard to the style and theme of the design.